Q: How does segmentation of duties work?   Does CCS maintain the guest server or application?
A: You run the guest and you are the administrators of the operating system as well as any applications running on the system. The VDWS admins have no administrative access to the running guest.
Q: How do I access the guest server?
A: By default with a preconfigured base guest, you wi’ll have access to the system remotely via RDP (Remote Desktop protocol), via VMRC (Virtual Machine Remote console) and via the VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) portal web interface. You will have complete control over the guest even before the guest has booted into an OS!
Q: Does CCS backup the guest?
A: No.  Make sure you have a backup program running within the guest.
Q: Do I have to pay for the operating system running on the guest?
A: No.  If you decide to leave the VDWS program and retain a copy of the guest, you will be required to purchase a license for the operating system.
Q: Can I run something like a domain controller in a virtual guest?
A: Certainly, in fact we do!
Q: Does the VDWS service support Windows desktop OSes (like XP)?
A: No.  Only server OSes are supported. VDWS is not intended to be a desktop replacement.
Q: Do you have slides or training for using the guests?
A: Yes. You will need a valid PID/password to access the slides. Get them here.
Q: What if I still have questions about the service?
A: E-mail us at hokiess(at)vt.edu with the subject line 'VDWS Qs'