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VT AIS Windows 2000 Pilot Project


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The AIS Windows 2000 Pilot project was implemented to test a Windows 2000 configuration for general distribution to the Virginia Tech campus community. The project was designed to examine "the benefits and advantages of a centrally-managed Windows 2000 environment." The project was also used to test the feasibility of using a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device for centrally stored user files.

Objectives: What was the purpose of the AIS W2K Pilot Project?

Benefits: What was included in the Virginia Tech AIS Windows 2000 Pilot Project?

  1. Access to Windows 2000 Features and Enhancements

  2. Security :
  3. Remote Administration
  4. "Any Time, Any Where" Software Suite
  5. Software: What software was included in the AIS Windows 2000 Pilot Project?

AIS W2K Pilot Test Environment

Other Project Associated Documents

AIS W2K Pilot Test Summary

Executive Summary and General University Recommendations

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