Completed Projects

ImageVDWSVDWS (Virtual Dedicated Windows Servers) is a hosted service offered through M:SIS that allows departments to utilize the Information Technology Organization's virtualization hosting services to help consolidate physical hardware into virtual software.
ImageVTm:sis Web SiteConverted from PHP to .NET using a single MasterPage, better grid views and XML data support for the major sections. This web site has since been convert to the CCS web site.
ImageVT WSUS for VistaSupport for the VT WSUS Client for Windows Vista.
ImageVT WSUS Graphing Add-OnAdd-On to VT WSUS Web Reporting to graph statistical data.
ImageADadminMMC replacement and web based interface for IRM, 4Help and OU admins.
ImageWardenFinds Active Directory users that have not changed their password since a specified date.
ImageAD Password FilterAdds additional password complexity constraints when users attempt to change password in a Windows Environment.
ImageVT WSUSCentralized Microsoft Windows patch management system for VT Faculty and Staff.
ImageDictionary FilterAn OpenSource custom password filter for Windows XP/2000/2003.
ImageSophos EvaluationTesting alternatives to our current Anti-virus solution.
ImageDST2007Windows 2000 quick fix for the new 2007 Daylight Saving Time changes. These are based on the collection of scripts from MS KB article 914387.

Requires a VT PID/password   DST Remote: for remotely updating one or more machines.
Requires a VT PID/password   DST Local: for locally updating a single machine.
   DST Zip File Checksums
ImageSafetyNetAn open source web based application framework that allows authorized users to proactively scan individual and groups of computer systems for security vulnerabilities.
ImageHokies Self-ServiceA web-based end user interface for the VT Active Directory.
ImageIvyA centralized, client-less patch management system for Windows 2000/XP/2003.
ImagePortinatorWindows command line utility to monitor local network port usage for changes.
ImageTripwireTripwire tuning for Windows 2000.
ImageTripinatorA centralized, web-based Tripwire approval system for securely monitoring Tripwire reports.
ImageVT AIS Windows 2000 Pilot DomainVT AIS Windows 2000 domain overview.
ImageDaisyAn auto-hotfix tool for Windows developed and released as open source.
ImagePrototype Terabyte File ServerBuilt and demonstrated a prototype terabyte file server from commodity components.
ImageCentral Services DomainCentral Services Domain.
ImageExchange DeploymentAssisted with the deployment of Exchange 2000 and 2003.
ImageIPSec PoliciesDeveloped IPSec policies that may replace more costly personal firewall software.
ImageIPSec RulesIPSec rules presentation by Ziggy Hill.
ImageAuthADAuthAD package.
ImageLDAPS for WindowsLDAPS for Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.
ImageOU AdminA centralized, web-based interface for OU Admins to manage their OU in the VT Active Directory.
ImageNeighborhood WatchA distributed client/server architecture for detecting, alerting, and blocking unsolicated network requests.
ImageIPsec of Domain ControllersSegmenting production availability based on IP ranges for increased security.
ImageW2K3 for DCsMigrate to Windows 2003 for our root domain controllers.